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WandaVision. Credit: Marvel Studios.

Unravelling the Big Bad of WandaVision

**Caution — Spoilers for Episodes One — Five of WandaVision**

Is Wanda Maximoff her own worst enemy? Maybe that’s the big twist of this series — Wanda turns evil! Her grief makes her go bad… Maybe they’re setting her up to be Doctor Strange’s adversary in his next film?


Or maybe not.

We are analyzing and attempting to understand a TV series in which they are… analyzing and attempting to understand a TV series. It is all so very oddly, deliciously meta! …

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Political cartoon by artist John L. Magee from the Boston Public Library, Print Department. Creative Commons License (CC BY 2.0).

Violence Can Happen Between Members of Congress

Democratic lawmakers call for the expulsion of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia over racist and abusive behavior, for her support of violent acts against other politicians, and her amplification of QAnon and other false conspiracies. Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush asks to have her offices moved away from Taylor Greene’s due to her confrontations. Muslim members of Congress feel personally threatened — in a publicity stunt, Greene once roamed the Capitol trying to compel Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to re-swear their oaths of office on the Bible because they’d taken theirs on the Koran.

In addition to Greene…

The Greatest Show Ever Returns to TV

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Babylon 5 First Season Cast. Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Home Video / Babylonian Productions ‘Babylon 5’.


An all-time cult-favorite and gem of 1990’s television, science fiction series Babylon 5’s creative influence still shapes the shows we watch today. Babylon 5’s five-year-novel-for-television story arc structure directly inspired the creators and story structures of both LOST and Battlestar Galactica. In a sense, Babylon 5 paved the way for all of the arc-based television we now see. Groundbreaking, indeed.

Characters on Babylon 5 grew. Some evolved — some devolved — and most truly changed over the course of the arc. Major characters left, or died. Time travel between seasons worked in mind-blowing ways. This definitely wasn’t regular, episodic TV…

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The Donahue Sea Caves in Burlington, Vermont. Photo by Mike Luoma.

The Donahue Sea Caves’ Ancient Beauty


The Devil’s Den?

These days, it’s the Donahue (or Intervale, or Burlington) Sea Caves, found on Long Pond in Arthur Park, on the edge of the wetlands in Burlington’s Intervale. It’s only accessible on foot during the winter, when the pond freezes over. Been meaning to explore the site since learning of the Sea Caves’ existence a few years ago. This week, I finally made my way over there.

New Study Bolsters Cerutti Mastodon Site Findings

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One of the alleged stone tools found at the Cerutti Mastodon Site. Photo Credit: James Berrian, San Diego Natural History Museum.

More proof humans were here over 130,000 years ago? Additional testing has added weight to the evidence there were human Mastodon Hunters on the West Coast of North America around 110,000 B.C., though many in archaeology and anthropology remain unconvinced. Then again, the Cerutti Mastodon Site in San Diego, California — and its dating — have been controversial since its discovery was announced just over three years ago.

What they discovered and documented are the remains left by human scavengers who picked apart a Mastodon carcass, and broke open its bones to get to the marrow. One of the mastodon’s…

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A hidden Stone Tunnel Chamber, in an unrevealed location, in Vermont. Photo by Mike Luoma.

Exploring Stone Chambers in Massachusetts and Vermont

I’m inside the dome-shaped interior of a beehive stone chamber. Optical luminescence dating (OSL) places its time of construction at around 1200 to 1500 AD, 500 to 800 years ago.

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The ridge stone turned to Serpent’s Skin… Photo by Mike Luoma.

Does A Serpent Effigy Drape Across This Northeastern Ridge?

Maybe I’m seeing things.

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Vatican Assassin Cover Art By Federico Guillen — detail.

Celebrating Self-Publishing VATICAN ASSASSIN

Fifteen years ago this week, I self-published my first novel, the near-future science fiction adventure VATICAN ASSASSIN. My life would never be the same.

I’d start podcasting it the following September, stumbling into the nascent worlds of podcasting and podcast fiction, and end up on panels at my first Science Fiction convention the summer after. My podcast book then joined others at a new site I’d learned about at the con, From there, things really took off.

I’m celebrating the original publication by releasing a brand-new edition of VATICAN ASSASSIN, with stunning new cover art and a new audiobook…

A Ridge-Top Serpent and Effigy Stones in Northwestern Vermont

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Going Up? Boulder at the foot of the trail at Raven Ridge in Monkton, Vermont. Photo by Mike Luoma.

A history-making discovery? Walking across the wetlands on the boardwalk towards Raven Ridge in Monkton, Vermont, I had no idea what I was about to find. My plan was a short hike. The discoveries made were entirely unexpected.

Vermont’s Bard of the Bizarre on His Reissued & Expanded Novel and Other Assorted Arcana…

Earlier this summer, I met up with author Joe Citro on the steps of the library on the green in Woodstock, Vermont.

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Joe Citro. Image Courtesy of Joseph Citro.

“Did you know there’s a vampire’s heart buried under the Woodstock Green?” he asked.

Of course there is. And — of course — Joe Citro knows the story.

Suspense and horror author and folklorist, Citro — whether he knows, or would admit it — is a Vermont treasure. His shared encyclopedic knowledge of ghosts, haunts, unexplained events, mysterious locations and just plain weird Vermont has now filled several volumes, such as Green Mountain Ghosts, Ghouls & Unsolved Mysteries

Mike Luoma

Thinker, Radio host, Music lover, Science Fiction writer, Comic Book creator. From Vermont.

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