A Split-Filled Rock Near Richmond, Vermont. Photo by Mike Luoma.

A Split-Filled Rock Near Richmond, Vermont

Possibly Sacred Stonework In A Mountain Hollow Between Two Streams


As I continue to explore a mountain hollow near Richmond, Vermont — and continue to see more stonework — I’m also drawn back to the possible Stone Prayers I found there on my first visit. To be clear, I didn’t find them initially, I was tipped to where they were by YouTube viewer Michelle S., who provided me with directions to the site. But now, when I visit, before going on to see more of this very curious hollow it seems proper to pay my respects to this first group of potential Stone Prayers.

Walking up into the space, a gentle northwest facing slope between two mountain streams, we’re greeted by the sight of a Split-Filled Boulder. On my first visit here, this initial stone feature seemed to signal that there were indeed possible Stone Prayers to be found in the vicinity. And? There were.

The Split-Filled Rock Welcomes You Into this Sacred Space. Photo by Mike Luoma.

Split-Filled Boulders or Rocks — two halves of formerly the same stone, or two rocks which appear to be two halves, with the space between them filled by cobbles and other small stones — are often found as part of what appear to be Indigenous Ceremonial Stone Landscapes in the Northeast.

A little background…

Peter Waksman, Phd. has investigated Indigenous Stone Prayers since the 1990's and runs the essential Rock Piles blog which has chronicled this work since 2006. In his book A Shadow Under The Rock (2023) released just last year, he writes:

Split Rocks

Boulders which are divided by a deep split. I spent a long time trying to interpret them, so here goes: One reads that Native Americans considered boulders to be “grandfathers” and that every rock contained a spirit. If that is so, then a split boulder is very significant, as the split creates a doorway between the outer world and the inner spirit of the rock. If it is a bad spirit, you want to wall it away, filling the split with lots of smaller rocks, and keeping the spirit trapped inside. If it is a spirit you want to control and communicate with, then a removable stopper — in the…



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