Potential Serpent Effigy North of Indian Brook Reservoir in Essex, Vermont. Photo by Mike Luoma.

New Discovery in Vermont

Possible Serpent Effigy Found Near Essex’s Indian Brook Reservoir

Mike Luoma
4 min readDec 20, 2021


Earlier this week, I returned to a spot in northern Vermont I’d partially explored back in the Spring, Indian Brook Reservoir Park in Essex, and made some surprising new discoveries.

Although still called a reservoir, Indian Brook Reservoir was abandoned for other water sources, the town of Essex Junction switching away from its waters in 1973. Making a complex tale short and simpler, the reservoir and surrounding lands switched hands a couple of times after that before the Town of Essex and friends bought it in 1986 to eventually create the park as it is today.

A Serpent Effigy in the Vermont Woods?

Back in April, I’d found likely stone effigy rows and even possible large-scale, Great Serpent stone work on the ridges on the eastern and northeastern sides of the reservoir.

A Stone Row on the Eastern side of Indian Brook Reservoir in Essex, Vermont. Photo by Mike Luoma.

Returning last weekend to explore parts of the park I’d missed in the Spring, I found more stone effigy rows on the western side. And to the north, discovered what may possibly be a stone row Serpent Effigy with a large boulder for its head.

This is pretty exciting, as finds go! Already inspired me to make my YouTube Video on the Experience: https://youtu.be/2cK-dUuO_kY.

Thought I’d share my excitement with you , too, and give you an early look at this brand-new, though possibly ancient, discovery.

Frog-Like Boulder at the head of a spring north of Indian Brook Reservoir in Essex, Vermont. Photo by Mike Luoma.

The Frog at the Spring

A boulder at the head of a spring initially drew me over to investigate. Seemed unusual, a boulder marking a spring. It also struck me. With the stones on its sides, the stone kind of looked like a frog.

Wasn’t looking at the stone and spring for too long when the stone row next to them grabbed my attention.



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